Hi there,

My name is Alfonso. I'm an immigrant based in South London and a Graphic Communication Designer.

My job is to listen and amplify voices through visual communication.
Design must be coherent with the message it's delivering and mindful of how and where it's displayed.

I was commissioned to work on Moss Bros. launch of their 1st environmentally aware suit. Weary of the campaign turning into corporate greenwashing the brief had to be tackled from 2 fronts: message and medium.

Medium: There's no such thing as 100% sustainable fashion production, however, the fabric used for this clothing range is recycling a vast amount of existing plastic. The message was about recycling, therefore we couldn't add more stuff. We had to reduce to a minimum the

To clarify how the suit was less harmful to the environment a list was displayed explaining how all the materials are sourced and what makes them less harmful to the environment.

I do this by dialoguing and translating those conversations into coherent design mindful of how it's executed and displayed.

To develop my practice I research topics that I believe require further discussion through graphic exploration. I also develop new ways of image-making through visual experimentation.

Get in touch if you’d like to collaborate. I take on pro-bono work for social causes. There are also concessionary fees available for people with limited resources.



Alfonso Cruz
Graphic Communication

London, Europe
+44 (0)7446 765 266