I am a Creative Specialist in Graphic CommunicationI have an MA in Graphic Communication Design from Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London) and a Licenciatura (BA + MA) in Fine Arts and Design from the University of Barcelona., driven by the need to make a positive social impact.

I believe that by listening to, and amplifyingFight The Tower
Creative CampaigningFight The Tower
unheard voices, using a process of curiosity, innovation and researchWe Are Here To Help You
Graphical AnalysisWe Are Here To Help You
I can effect lasting change. I aim to spark and sustain change through an active process of collaborationLost Twin - The Mist
Graphic Design Lost Twin - The Mist
and experimentationImage-making by Starving AI
Generative ArtImage-making by Starving AI

My practice is rooted in a conscious designMoss Bros Eco Suit
Creative DirectionMoss Bros Eco Suit
methodology, always prioritising socially responsible practices over everything else.