I am a Creative Specialist in Graphic Communication, focused on projects that tackle societal issues or contribute to enriching culture.

I believe that by listening to, and amplifying unheard voices, using a process of curiosity, innovation and research I can effect lasting change. I aim to spark and sustain change through an active process of collaboration and experimentation.

My practice is rooted in a conscious designMoss Bros Eco Suit
Creative Direction
methodology, always prioritising socially responsible practices over everything else.

Moss Bros Eco Suit

Creative Direction

When I was commissioned by Moss Bros in 2019 to design one of their most significant sustainable campaigns to date, I had some initial questions: How do you design a campaign for an environmentally conscious suit when you know there’s no such thing as 100% sustainable fashion production?

The answer - you focus on facts (void of harmful greenwashing) and use visual design to create real impact.

Using this knowledge I worked to maintain transparency throughout the campaign, allowing the viewer to have all of the facts in order to make their own conscious, informed choices. To illustrate this idea, the campaign mapped the exact sources of all the materials and detailed exactly what makes each component environmentally-friendly.

The core concept of the campaign was to avoid waste at all costs, whether that be material, design, energy or visual. Outcomes for the campaign were kept in line with the low impact concept, including hand-painted window displays, each tailored to specific regional stores, using thought-provoking visuals to further the campaign messaging.

Eco Suit Twitter

Alongside this, I created a dedicated microsite with imagery linking the products with beaches and plastic pollution.

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