I am a Creative Specialist in Graphic Communication, driven by the need to make a positive social impact.

I believe that by listening to, and amplifying unheard voices, using a process of curiosity, innovation and research I can effect lasting change. I aim to spark and sustain change through an active process of collaboration and experimentation.

My practice is rooted in a conscious designMoss Bros Eco Suit
Creative Direction
methodology, always prioritising socially responsible practices over everything else.

Lost Twin - The Mist

Graphic Design

Everything I do is grounded in collaboration, when sharing knowledge and skills with others I believe the very best, most significant work can be created. Following this principle I worked in collaboration with Lost Twin, a music artist and Graphic Designer to create album artwork and supporting assets.

Lost Twin - The Mist

We worked using the Exquisite Corpse method, taking turns to add layers to a digital canvas. This resulted in the joining of our visions, firstly, for me as a listener and secondly, for Lost Twin, as the artist. We started by creating a structure to follow. We set the guidelines by splitting the squared canvas into Golden Rectangles and then adding circular geometry.

The album was released digitally and on a 12” vinyl. Encapsulating music into an object allowed us to work with materials: the sleeve is printed on matt paper for its tactility, and the record is pressed on translucent coloured vinyl, matching the artwork’s green hue and playing with light.

Lost Twin - The Mist

The music is free online; it was the sales of the physical album that financed the album. We wanted to thank those who supported the artist by gifting them a limited edition screen print. We designed it following the same process as the album’s cover art.

Lost Twin - The Mist
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